At each of our orthodontic offices, we streamline the check-in process so our patients can get the care they deserve as soon as possible. Patients and their families won’t have to fill out endless forms and provide unnecessary or redundant information. We have quick, focused treatment routines that keep office visits brief so orthodontic care doesn’t conflict with the busy, modern schedules of our patients. Monthly treatment procedures are fast and simple, ensuring on-time fulfillment of the goals we set with those we treat.


Our mission is to provide top-quality orthodontic care in a relaxed, friendly environment. Our orthodontist and team don’t use appointments as an opportunity to sell additional services to our patients and we are always glad to address any questions or concerns our patients have about their oral health. We educate instead of pressure so our patients can come away from their care experience with comfort and confidence.

Total Health

Dr. Brent Tingey and his team have built a practice that meets the needs of patients who have a wide variety of oral health concerns. We not only straighten teeth with the most advanced, modern systems available, we also treat those who struggle with cleft palates, TMD, and pediatric sleep apnea. We are dedicated to helping our patients achieve healthy lives and lifestyles in addition to healthy smiles.